Relationships Part 1: The Parents/Dad

Dad. . . the enigma that is my father is a character. I have no idea how him and mom ended up together and have stayed together for almost 30-years now. He is the opposite of my mother in nearly everywhere. Where mom is emotional, dad is sarcastic and dry. Where mom is from large, … Continue reading Relationships Part 1: The Parents/Dad


Relationships Part 1: The Parents/Mom

What better place for me to start my views on relationships and how they have shaped me then where it all began, my parents. I wouldn't be anywhere without them. They had the biggest impact in shaping who I am as a person. There -isms float in and out of my head on the daily. … Continue reading Relationships Part 1: The Parents/Mom

How Did I Get Here?

I always wondered why adults always said, "wait until your older." What did they mean by that? What could change so significantly as you age that life becomes completely different that it was already. Well, I now know, everything changes. Responsibilities, relationships, and thoughts everything changes. It's not always wanted either, but one thing I … Continue reading How Did I Get Here?